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Youtube Start New Ad Free Subscription Service YouTube Red

YouTube Red is now available for $9.99 Per Month. Red gives you 3 new features in addition to AD FREE Videos on Youtube. YouTube is also currently offering a 30 day Free Trial.
  • Enjoy Ad-Free Videos on YouTube
No more Ads you have to wait for, 5 second wait ad skips or annoying ads that show during playback of a video your watching. Red is Ad Free.

Included With YouTube Red:

  • Save songs and videos on your mobile device to watch offline
No Internet connection needed when you save the videos you want to watch offline
  • Keep videos playing while using other apps or with your screen Off
YouTube no longer has to be the App on your screen in order to here music or play a video. Now you can use other Apps on your Android phone while YouTube plays video and Music in the background.
  • Enjoy Ad-Free Videos on YouTube
No more Ads you have to wait for, 5 second wait ad skips or annoying ads that show during playback of a video your watching. Red is Ad Free.


New version of Google Play 4.4.21 released today

Google play 4.4.21 was released today. It now has a sidebar when opened up shows Google Play sections such as your apps, your wish list, and Home. The Settings menu is still accessed from the top right


Chrome Beta to add web app 'install to homescreen' option in version 31

A more seamless experience for web apps on mobile

The latest Chrome Beta Version 31 for Android has just been pushed out in the Play Store. It brings along with it new web app functionality, a new tab page that loads faster, and a new option to pin web apps to your home screen. 

The so-called "install to homescreen" option will let web app developers make apps that identify properly as being able to pin to your home screen, and then launched in a full-screen "app mode." The option to pin these apps will be found in the main menu, as shown above.

You already have the ability to pin bookmarks to your home screen that open up individual sites, but the difference here is that you will be able to add these apps directly from the page and have them open up differently than your normal web page. 


Access The New Android Device Manager Website

Android Device Manager allows you to remotely locate, Ring or Factory reset your Android phone or tablet if it's lost.

First you need to turn on the Android Device settings and give permission.

On your Android device go to Settings > Security > Device Manager.

Checking the box next to Android Device Manager will give it permission to remotely lock or erase your device.

Next open the Google Settings App on your Android phone.

Sleect Android Device Manager. You will see the following settings:

Remotely locate this device: Turn this on to remotely locate your phone and find the approximate location on Google Maps.

(For devices running 4.1 and higher, location access must also be enabled. To turn it on, go to Google Settings > Location > Access location.)

Allow remote factory reset: Turn on to remotely erase all data on your device.

Now your ready to access Android Device Manager on the web.

Visit and log in to your Google Account on.

After logging in, a pop up will ask for permission to use your devices location data.

Google will then try to locate your devices approximate location which will be indicated on the map as a blue circle.

The device manager also displays the name of the place where the device is located, the time it was located, and when it was last used.

You will be able to select the following options:

Ring your device at full volume for 5 minutes. Even if it’s set to silent or vibrate.

Perform a factory reset, which permanently deletes all of your data.

If your phone doesn't have a connection or is powered off, Android Device Manager won’t be able to ring or erase the device until there’s a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

You can still select any of these options in advance and your phone will ring or your device’s data will deleted once it’s back online.